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Mary Gospe - Time to Soar Single

"Talking To Trees" - Single

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Released January 19, 2024

The Song Gardeners tune in to nature in their single “Talking to Trees” written by Corrie M. Dunn. People have had a connection with trees since the beginning of our existence. We are drawn to trees for their magnificence, beauty, healing energy, and all of the gifts that they provide including food, shelter and warmth. It is only natural to want to communicate with trees as Corrie sings in the opening line of the song…

Whispering wind from the leaves as they sing
Branches keep time with the thoughts on my mind

The mellow, ambient vibe of “Talking to Trees” is enhanced by David Scheibner’s acoustic guitars and the expressive message of the lyrics…

You’re standing there, waiting for conversation
Connected to the network of our lives
Talking to trees
I feel your roots reverberating under me

Talking to trees allows us to slow down, be present and grounded, and feel the energy of the universe. The Song Gardeners provide the sweet-sounding music of this divine process.

“Talking to Trees” features Corrie Dunn on beautiful lead vocals and guitar. The song resonates with Mary Gospe singing soulful harmonies. James Butler provides synths and bass. David Scheibner contributes guitars, synths, percussion.

©2024 Corrie M. Dunn/Corrie Dunn Music (ASCAP)

Label: ℗©2024 Honey Spun Records

Produced, mixed, and mastered by David Scheibner

Recording Personnel

  • Corrie Dunn: lead and backing vocals, guitar
  • Mary Gospe: backing vocals
  • James Butler: synth, bass
  • David Scheibner: guitars, percussion, synths