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Mary Gospe - Time to Soar Single

Released October 20, 2023

Written by Mary P. Gospe

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The Song Gardeners’ single, “More of This,” is a funky pop dance song with disco elements that invites listeners to dance in gratitude while wishing for more of the good things in life. By staying present, heart-centered, and in appreciation of what we cherish, we create more of what we want to experience – a world filled with freedom, peace, love, unity, harmony, happiness, joy and bliss.

The song kicks off with a percussive beat featuring bongos, hi-hat and chimes followed by a grooving bass line, clapping and synth. Writer and lead vocalist Mary Gospe sings “More of This” before describing some of the things she cherishes:

Holding hands, a lover’s kiss
Sun breaking through the mist
Baby’s smile, a hug that lasts
Enjoy this moment, release the past

Verse two layers in a four-on-the-floor drum beat, distorted synth and Corrie Dunn’s gorgeous harmonies before leading into the pre-chorus and chorus:

Here’s our intention, here’s our ask… 

More of this please, more of this, ooohhh
Make a wish please, for more of this

The bridge is a powerful intention which builds with intensity and three-part harmony:

Peace, love and unity – feel into the energy
Peace, love and harmony – feel into the energy

Feel into the energy – peace, love and harmony, harmony…

The outro adds an additional intention for:


Happiness, joy and bliss
More of this, more of this, more of this 

“More of This” delights with Mary Gospe’s soulful lead and backing vocals; Corrie Dunn’s glorious harmonies; James Butler’s drums, percussion, bass and synth; and David Scheibner’s guitar, and additional synths.

Official Lyric Video on YouTube

©2023 Mary P. Gospe / Zach Gospe Music Publishing (ASCAP)

Label: ℗©2023 Honey Spun Records

Produced, mixed and mastered by David Scheibner

Recording Personnel:

  • Mary Gospe: lead and backing vocals
  • Corrie Dunn: backing vocals
  • James Butler: drums, percussion, bass, synth
  • David Scheibner: guitar, additional synths