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Mary Gospe - Time to Soar Single

"Future Lives" - Single

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Released August 1, 2023

The Song Gardeners contemplate the phases of life in their new single “Future Lives”. The song lyrics describe three main stages. The first is the early stage, which takes place from birth through childhood when we are full of curiosity about the world…a time when drastic mental and physical growth can occur. We then merge into the young and middle adulthood stage where we try to find our authentic self and shed the expectations of our family and society. Before we know it, we reach the mature stage where we have experienced a lifetime of memories and moments that can be passed on to shape the future lives of the next generation.

The song starts with a jazzy groove set by the keyboard and bass where Corrie Dunn sings beautiful lead vocals. The first two verses build on a similar melodic theme about growing through the stages of life.

“Some rules never change, we are born innocent
As the years carry us from stage to stage
There’s no turning back, so let’s pass on what we’ve learned to the future lives.”

In the outro section of the song, the musical theme shifts to a more complex rhythmic melody, which reflects the growth and many experiences we have gained throughout the years.

“Walking the line, speaking your mind, keeping the time…
A new generation taking over; letting it be, keeping it free
From the walls of conventionality.”

The final lyric, “Falling down on your face, is like falling into Grace”, sung in 4-part harmony by Corrie and Mary is meant as a homage to trying over and over until you get it right. The experience is as important as the outcome. We develop wisdom in old age that can help change or better future lives.

“Future Lives,” written by Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe, features Corrie Dunn on lead vocals and piano. The song resonates with Mary Gospe singing soulful harmonies. The musically gifted James Butler provided synths and bass/drum beats. Our talented producer, David Scheibner, added guitars, synths, and magical touches to the mix.