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Mary Gospe - Time to Soar Single

Single: “April Sky” Released March 31, 2023

Debuts at #5 on the New Age Music Chart, March 2023; #3 in April 2023
#12 on the One World Music Radio Singles Chart
Wins 3rd place for Best Single for March 2023 by One World Music Radio

Humans have been gazing at stars, planets, meteors and comets in awe and wonder since the beginning of time. We look to the night sky for enjoyment, navigation and astrological guidance.

“April Sky,” written by Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe, is a pop dance song that celebrates our celestial neighbors and the beauty of the Milky Way galaxy.

The song draws the listener in with an enticing ethereal atmosphere before dropping into a four-on-the-floor dance pop beat with delicious piano, tantalizing synth and driving bass line. “April Sky” shines with Mary Gospe’s joyful lead vocals; Corrie Dunn’s celestial harmonies; James Butler’s tasty synth, bass and percussion; and David Scheibner’s melodious guitar, drums and additional synths. Produced, mixed and mastered by David Scheibner.

Cover photo is of the comet, NEOWISE, captured by astrophotographer Alan Dyer of

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