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Within by The Song Gardeners

"Within" - Single by The Song Gardeners

Released August 25, 2022
Debuts at #4 on the New Age Music Chart

The Song Gardeners dreamy, introspective single “Within,” is a “mantra-pop” song that invites listeners to go inward and explore who they truly are–to live from the inside out, creating their lives from an empowered place of love, gratitude, compassion, courage, resiliency and creativity. The song ends with a powerful call to action: “the love you feel inside is what you bring to the world, feel it now… within.”

The music is ethereal with a hypnotic beat, featuring Mary Gospe’s heartfelt and angelic lead vocals, Corrie Dunn’s gorgeous harmonies, James Butler’s warm bass and David Scheibner’s atmospheric synth.